carolryles (carolryles) wrote,

Trove is Live

Check it out at: Trove Issue One

Trove is an online journal of creative writing edited by students of the University of Western Australia. It's one of the creative writing projects I've been working on this year with another post-grad student, Rachael Hains-Wesson. First up, we formed a steering committee with myself, Rachael, Professor Van Ikin and Professor Steve Chinna from English and Cultural Studies, and next we recruited a student editing committee with Bronwyn Aiken, Kristie Chiew, Carol Hoggart and Alan Fyfe. You can read about us here

After nearly a year's work, here it is, live at last: Trove: Issue One. Fourteen awesome pieces of work, written and edited by university students -- four short stories, nine poems and one ten-minute play. I'm so proud of the team and the writers and it's great to see all their hard work finally out there in the world.

Mid next year, we will be publishing an even bigger Issue Two, when we will be working with The Cultural Precinct at UWA and transforming the current Wordpress website into an official UWA website that will cater for multi artforms; as an online interactive journal for and by students from UWA.
Tags: trove, uni, writing

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