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Two of my Clarion friends have stories online right now:

Rajan Khanna, has "Doors" over here at GUD magazine Issue #6 - available in PDF or in print.

An Owomoyela has "Portage" over here at Apex Online

Both An and Raj have written great stories during and after Clarion, and it's great to see them publishing new works regularly. Congratulations to you both. And also to Kristin Jantz and Margarite Croft for their recent successes, which I'll post links to as soon as they are available.

My good friend, Ian McHugh, another Clarion West graduate (2006) and former member of my writers group at KSP has a story, Annicca, over at GUD magazine Issue #6 along with Raj. Cool news.

And lastly, here's a recent sunset over the Canning River, Perth, one of my favourite places in WA.

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