carolryles (carolryles) wrote,

Aussicon 4: Epilogue

I've just blogged about my Aussiecon experiences over at Egoboo WA, but I thought I'd repost the highlight here. For me, this was listening to a Panel on the The Steampunk Playground with John Berlyne, Richard Harland and Jay Lake. I went into it expecting to learn about the direction that steampunk was taking and was not disappointed. But something else happened for me as well. I started thinking about the novel I am still second drafting and, as John, Jay and Richard spoke about the mad science factor and the attraction of Steampunk’s visual elements, it suddenly dawned on me how to make my novel not just work but really work. Thanks to this panel, I am now on a much better footing to get this novel finished, knowing exactly where I want it to go and how to get there. I thank John, Jay and Richard for that. Their panel alone made Aussiecon 4 a worthwhile venture for me.

This morning I went walking, but unfortunately too windy to take photos of the spider orchids and tiny blossoms, so will try again another day. Here's a magnificent Kangaroo Paw that stood about two and a half feet high though photo is rotated 90 deg, so apologies as this old computer won't fix it. (Read: the owner of this computer cannot remember how to fix it, but must go and do some family stuff now :)

Tags: aussiecon, photos, steampunk, writing

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