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Clarion West Write-a-thon 2010

This week is the final week of the write-a-thon and it's been a busy 6 weeks for me. I managed to write 2 chapters a week for the first 3 weeks; and then I needed a break from the novel and switched to writing a short story instead. I wrote 6000 words in 2 days, sent it out for critique, edited it and then sold it!!!! More about that later. My quickest turn around ever.

Now I'm back on the novel again. Two chapters a week. (Oh, I just remembered, one week back there, I wrote 3 chapters, so that was a bonus)

As for fundraising, I managed to reach my goal of $100, so many thanks to all my kind sponsors.

It's still not too late to donate. Just click on the link below. And hugs and thanks

2010 Clarion West Write-a-thon

I love keeping up with my Clarion buddies successes and here are three of the latest:

An Owomoyela had a story, "Abandonware", a few weeks back in Fantasy Magazine here

Pamela Rentz has a story, "The Battle of Little Big Science" in the current issue of Asimovs here and the pdf version can be purchased here

Rajan Khanna has a story, "Flowing Shapes" here at Basement Stories
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