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I Now Haz a Webpage

It's over here at This is the place where I'll be posting news about my writing, publications etc.

Most of my other writing related posts happen over at Egoboo WA where I share blogging with my novel writing buddies, Joanna Fay, Satima Flavell, Sarah Lee Parker and Helen Venn.

This poor little LJ has been neglected somewhat as PhD deadlines are looming, with the novel slowly getting close to being finished and thesis and short story writing using up any left-over time.
Windy Hooker Glacier

Trove ( is Live

Check it out at: Trove Issue One

Trove is an online journal of creative writing edited by students of the University of Western Australia. It's one of the creative writing projects I've been working on this year with another post-grad student, Rachael Hains-Wesson. First up, we formed a steering committee with myself, Rachael, Professor Van Ikin and Professor Steve Chinna from English and Cultural Studies, and next we recruited a student editing committee with Bronwyn Aiken, Kristie Chiew, Carol Hoggart and Alan Fyfe. You can read about us here

After nearly a year's work, here it is, live at last: Trove: Issue One. Fourteen awesome pieces of work, written and edited by university students -- four short stories, nine poems and one ten-minute play. I'm so proud of the team and the writers and it's great to see all their hard work finally out there in the world.

Mid next year, we will be publishing an even bigger Issue Two, when we will be working with The Cultural Precinct at UWA and transforming the current Wordpress website into an official UWA website that will cater for multi artforms; as an online interactive journal for and by students from UWA.
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Two of my Clarion friends have stories online right now:

Rajan Khanna, has "Doors" over here at GUD magazine Issue #6 - available in PDF or in print.

An Owomoyela has "Portage" over here at Apex Online

Both An and Raj have written great stories during and after Clarion, and it's great to see them publishing new works regularly. Congratulations to you both. And also to Kristin Jantz and Margarite Croft for their recent successes, which I'll post links to as soon as they are available.

My good friend, Ian McHugh, another Clarion West graduate (2006) and former member of my writers group at KSP has a story, Annicca, over at GUD magazine Issue #6 along with Raj. Cool news.

And lastly, here's a recent sunset over the Canning River, Perth, one of my favourite places in WA.

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Aussicon 4: Epilogue

I've just blogged about my Aussiecon experiences over at Egoboo WA, but I thought I'd repost the highlight here. For me, this was listening to a Panel on the The Steampunk Playground with John Berlyne, Richard Harland and Jay Lake. I went into it expecting to learn about the direction that steampunk was taking and was not disappointed. But something else happened for me as well. I started thinking about the novel I am still second drafting and, as John, Jay and Richard spoke about the mad science factor and the attraction of Steampunk’s visual elements, it suddenly dawned on me how to make my novel not just work but really work. Thanks to this panel, I am now on a much better footing to get this novel finished, knowing exactly where I want it to go and how to get there. I thank John, Jay and Richard for that. Their panel alone made Aussiecon 4 a worthwhile venture for me.

This morning I went walking, but unfortunately too windy to take photos of the spider orchids and tiny blossoms, so will try again another day. Here's a magnificent Kangaroo Paw that stood about two and a half feet high though photo is rotated 90 deg, so apologies as this old computer won't fix it. (Read: the owner of this computer cannot remember how to fix it, but must go and do some family stuff now :)

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Winners of the KSP Speculative fiction Award

It was a pleasure to attend the KSP Speculative Fiction Award last weekend, and a surprise to be awarded third prize.

Here's the Shortlist:


1st Prize: Wolves, Sheep and I by Denis Bastion (VIC)
2nd Prize: Flight of the Bumblebee by Janeen Samuel (VIC)
3rd Prize: Saint Olivia’s Light by Carol Ryles (WA)

Commended (in alphabetical order by authors’ surnames):

Foretold by Cheryse Durrant (QLD)
La Belle Dame by Satima Flavell (WA)
The Remembery by Guy Salvidge (WA)
The Red Marble by Daniel Simpson (WA)
The Deception of Numbers by Shaun Taylor (SA)


1st Prize: Behind Closed Doors by Raeden Richardson (VIC)
2nd Prize: Tales of a Time Traveller by James Brock (WA)

Under 13 Award: Soldiers of Lonestar by James Crowley (NSW)

Commended (in alphabetical order by authors’ surnames)

Joe’s Aurora by Katie Birkinshaw (WA)
Bound by Blood by Rachel Chan (WA)
Class Picture by Rejinette Moreno (WA)
The Colour of Happiness by Linda Mulenda (WA)
The View From the Elevator by Daniel Ortlepp (VIC)

In the judge's report, Judge Peter McAllister wrote:

"Saint Olivia’s Light is a curious tale of the secret life of a leadlight saint, animated in equal measure by an artisan’s blood and the light that illuminates her beautiful image. Again, I think it is the imaginative power displayed by the author in so confidently animating his or her unique protagonist that has won my admiration. The story is richly textured and shows an acute sensibility; the writing is similarly vivid – sometimes searing. It also moves inexorably to a dénouement both well structured and satisfying. A very impressive work, too, and one justified in edging out the many other quality stories for the 3rd place award."

Thank you Peter!!

The awards ceremony concluded with an enjoyable reading by Juliet Marillier from her latest work which is soon to be published in New Zealand.

Meanwhile, out bush, the Kangaroo Paws are starting to blossom...

Taken at Wireless Hill Park, Booragoon, WA
Windy Hooker Glacier

A Review for Belong

Pleasing, encouraging words in a review about my Belong story, "Deeper than Flesh and Closer", from Rich Horton over at Fantasy Magazine:

And Carol Ryles closes the anthology with “Deeper than Flesh and Closer”, a fine pure SF story about conflict between people living in a heavily bio-tech oriented village and others living in cities who fear the “nants” that support the bio-tech.
Windy Hooker Glacier

Clarion West Write-a-thon 2010

This week is the final week of the write-a-thon and it's been a busy 6 weeks for me. I managed to write 2 chapters a week for the first 3 weeks; and then I needed a break from the novel and switched to writing a short story instead. I wrote 6000 words in 2 days, sent it out for critique, edited it and then sold it!!!! More about that later. My quickest turn around ever.

Now I'm back on the novel again. Two chapters a week. (Oh, I just remembered, one week back there, I wrote 3 chapters, so that was a bonus)

As for fundraising, I managed to reach my goal of $100, so many thanks to all my kind sponsors.

It's still not too late to donate. Just click on the link below. And hugs and thanks

2010 Clarion West Write-a-thon

I love keeping up with my Clarion buddies successes and here are three of the latest:

An Owomoyela had a story, "Abandonware", a few weeks back in Fantasy Magazine here

Pamela Rentz has a story, "The Battle of Little Big Science" in the current issue of Asimovs here and the pdf version can be purchased here

Rajan Khanna has a story, "Flowing Shapes" here at Basement Stories
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Clarion West Write-a-thon Begins....

The 2010 Clarion West Write-a-thon began last Sunday, mirroring the actual Clarion West Workshop in Seattle and raising funds for future Clarions. I've pledged to write at least two chapters a week of my current novel second draft which I'm hoping to have finished by the beginning of August. Clarions are great places for writers to get time out to hone their craft amongst like-minded people and teachers in an environment dedicated to writing and critting. In six weeks, I learned at least ten years worth of skills and made one of my best groups of friends ever. So, if you're feeling generous and want to help out, I can be sponsored here or if you'd rather not Paypal, and you live near me, please throw a few dollars my way and I'll do the Paypal thing for you. Every dollar counts $2, $5 whatever. My goal is to raise at least $100.

And hugs and thanks to my generous friends who have already contributed. Hugs.
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A windy day near Mount Cook with a baby glacier on the mountaintop behind us. This was in Jan 2009. Unlike the rest of the world, some of the glaciers were advancing rather than receding.

My story "Deeper than Flesh and Closer" in Belong received an awesome review over at Specusphere:

Deeper than Flesh and Closer” by Carol Ryles is a story about coming back to where you came from. Sometimes the changes go more than skin deep and sometimes they don’t appear to be changes at all… This is an evocative and haunting story about the changes that take place to a place and people that we think we know through history and story, but haven’t experienced.

They also said a lot of nice words about the anthology itself, here

Congratulations to my Clarion buddies for the publication of the following stories:

pamrentz for her story "Estelle Makes the Home Run" online here at Innsmouth Free Press. A very entertaining and creepy piece about a dark, lonely road inhabited by things that go bump. Another of Pam's stories "The Battle of Little Big Science" is soon to be published in August Asimov's. Go Pam!!!!

An Owomoyela raven_radiation for her story "Jessamine" online here at Reflection's Edge. This is one powerful story about entrapment and love. An was recently mentioned in Locus as a "writer to watch". Yay An!!!!